Understanding the Defense Base Act — Does it Apply to You?

Written by: Howard S. Grossman

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The Defense Base Act is a rather complex federal law. It has many layers, but the heart of it is intended to offer protection and support to specific groups of injured government contractor workers. The protections it provides are numerous and important, so if the Defense Base Act applies to you, you should act now. 

What Exactly Is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act is a type of workers’ compensation. It provides an array of assistance to certain government contractors injured in the scope of their work. The help may include:

  • Medical help in the form of doctors’ visits, treatments, hospital care, and even rehabilitation and recovery help;
  • Financial help; and
  • Legal fees the worker incurred while seeking Defense Base Act help.

The US Department of Labor oversees the Defense Base Act and lists the law

Who Does the Defense Base Act Cover? Does It Apply to Me?

The Defense Base Act protects a specific class of workers. It applies to you if you are a civilian employee and working outside the United States on a military base or under U.S. government contracts for public works and national defense. 

The other important factor is that you must have a documentable injury for the Defense Base Act to apply to you.

When Does the Defense Base Act Come into Play?

The Defense Base Act comes into play when you meet the above criteria, and you have sustained a work-related injury. The terms “scope of work” and “work-related” can seem misleading.

You may qualify for the Defense Base Act even if you were not at work when the injury occurred. The totality of the circumstances regarding the injury is important, and a lawyer can best help determine if your circumstances will qualify.

Why Would I Seek Use of the Defense Base Act?

If you are a worker described above, the Defense Base Act is there to protect workers like you. You deserve the compensation, medical treatments, and other services that are available. You would seek out the Defense Base Act to get the services and help you need and are entitled to. 

How Would I Start If I Think The Defense Base Act Applies to Me?

If the Defense Base Act applies to you, you first must notify your employer about your injury in writing. After that, you have to also contact the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation and submit their required forms.

During this process, you should be gathering information about your injury and any medical treatment you’ve undergone. In addition, you should get a Defense Base Act lawyer asap.

Why Should I Get a Lawyer to Help Me with the Defense Base Act?

Because of the highly technical nature of the Defense Base Act, you should always consult a Defense Base Act attorney if you think you are entitled to these protections. Why a Defense Base Act-specific attorney?

  • Defense Base Act law is not something most lawyers are adequately prepared to address;
  • A lawyer who is unfamiliar with the Defense Base Act will have a steep learning curve in their effort to help you; and
  • Defense Base Act cases are time-sensitive, so you need a lawyer who can hit the ground running with your case.

In addition, it is never advisable to try and wade through Defense Base Act laws and handle your own case. Better to let a firm known for strong Defense Base Act worker rights tackle your case. Every step of applying for the Defense Base Act is critical. 

Finally, the government can deny even very strong Defense Base Act applications. If that happens, your lawyer will know how to appeal and assert your rights quickly and effectively. 

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