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How Defense Base Act Settlements Work

Filing a Defense Base Act claim can be an exhausting process. Deadlines and documents can be overwhelming. If you were injured in a work accident that falls under the Defense Base Act, it is important to understand how Defense Base Act settlements work.  Do You Qualify for Compensation? Defense Base

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Defense Base Act Settlement Calculator

Did you work overseas as a civilian contractor? You may have faced many of the same hazards as service members. But when you returned home, you did not get the benefit of VA care and disability benefits. Instead, if you sustained an injury or were diagnosed with a condition related

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Defense Base Act & COPD: Do You Qualify for Benefits?

When your COPD diagnosis and health struggles are because of your work overseas, we are here to help.  At any given time, there are tens of thousands of personnel working overseas under government contracts. As a civilian contractor, you are often exposed to the same hazards as service members. While

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What Does The Defense Base Act Cover?

If you work as a federal contractor abroad or are considering taking such a job, you likely know that you have workers’ compensation coverage under the Defense Base Act (DBA). But you may still be wondering, What does the Defense Base Act cover?  What Benefits are Provided By the DBA?

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Understanding DBA Statute 42 USC 1651

If you are a federal contractor working abroad, it is critical to have a working understanding of the DBA (Statute 42 USC 1651). We cannot overstate the importance of this law for federal contractors working abroad. It is the critical piece of workers’ compensation law for federal contractors working worldwide on behalf

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What Is The Defense Base Act?

It is not every day that a person must address the question, What is the Defense Base Act? This is because the Defense Base Act is a specific federal law. The writers created it to apply to only a unique set of individuals in very particular circumstances. Suppose you are

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How To File a DBA Claim

Everyday conduct and activities injure individuals working as civilian contractors overseas for the United States government. These circumstances can result in serious injuries or even death. In 1940, the United States Department of Labor implemented the Defense Base Action (DBA) to help these injured workers. At Grossman Attorneys at Law,

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